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The difference between a run-of-the-mill criminal defense attorney and a criminal defense attorney who specializes exclusively in DWI defense is truly life altering. This fact comes to light when the outcomes of two similar DWI cases end with drastically different results. The cause of the differing outcomes is mostly (if not entirely) due to the type of defence chosen to represent the DWI case.

A survey conducted by lawyers.com compared the outcomes of DWI cases represented by the defendants (themselves), public defenders, private lawyers and DWI attorneys. The survey concluded that, “the kind of lawyer you’re represented by – affects [DWI] costs and outcomes.”

The survey showed no significant difference in outcome and an almost equally high DWI conviction rate between self representation and being represented by a public defender. In cases where private lawyers and DWI attorneys represented clients, [DWI] conviction rates were remarkably lower.

In terms of economics, the survey revealed that the cost of defending oneself against DWI charges is only fractionally higher than if they’d contracted a public defender. Additionally, the extra cost of hiring a DWI attorney was offset by lower court costs and fees in cases that led to conviction (plea bargains included). This means that by the end of a typical DWI case (start to finish), those who hired a DWI attorney had better outcomes for only a marginally higher cost than those who’d hired a public defender.

Furthermore, those who “saved” money with a public defender often ended-up with less than desirable plea deals. The money “saved” by hiring a public defender vs. a DWI attorney is almost always lost to higher fines, fees, and court costs. These figures are reflected time and time again outside of this one particular survey. Infact, this trend is seen throughout criminal proceedings in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

There Is Only One Choice For Great DWI Representation – DWI Springfield

DWI Representation in Springfield, MOThe fact remains that your best option for DWI defense is a DWI attorney. If your DWI charge happens to be in Southwest Missouri, the DWI attorneys at DWI Springfield are the best defense option for your case. DWI Springfield is one of the first law firms in Springfield, Missouri devoted exclusively to DWI defense. DWI Springfield’s team of DWI attorneys have handled thousands of criminal cases and their devotion to DWI defense sets them apart from the rest. This vast experience and dedication is exactly what you want with the best possible defense from a DWI attorney.

If a DWI case has even the slightest chance of a better outcome through jury trial than plea agreement, the DWI attorneys at DWI Springfield will diligently see it through. That alone separates them from the majority of their competition. If common sense doesn’t already dictate that people should not try to defend themselves in a court of law, any legal counsel will advise the same.

The only legal counsel that would recommend an accused individual to seek the help of a public defender is the public defender him/herself. In some cases, it’s not uncommon for a public defender to advise their clients to seek more professional or experienced council as well. In saying that, it is highly advised that somebody who finds themselves charged with a DWI should retain a DWI attorney specifically. As it stands to reason, a specialist will celebrate success within their specialty far more often than one who has no particular area of expertise. The DWI attorneys at DWI Springfield are as cordial as they are experienced professionals. The entire legal team at DWI Springfield are aware of and understand the human condition.

In other words, clients who are charged with criminal DWI offences are never labeled as, seen as, or treated as criminals.

DWI Springfield attorneys acknowledge their clients as friends, neighbors, and members of their community. This notion is best expressed by their attitude that, “Sometimes there are good defenses in a DWI case. More often, there are good people who made a mistake and deserve another chance.” That quote speaks for itself as well as speaking for everyone at DWI Springfield.

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If you’ve been accused of a DWI and are facing criminal charges, promptly contact DWI Springfield without hesitation. You are a valued member of our community and it is our privilege to represent you as such!