Understanding SR-22 Insurance in Springfield

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If you’ve been convicted of a traffic violation, most commonly a DWI charge in Missouri, your license will be suspended for a set period of time in conjunction with the degree of the crime in question. In addition to license suspension, fees, and other criminal penalties you may face, following your suspension, you will be required by the state to have an SR-22 policy. Getting Springfield SR-22 insurance on your policy is a relatively easy process that your DWI attorney at DWI Springfield can assist you with. If you have been charged or convicted of a DWI charge in Springfield, contact our law office today. We can help you consult with an insurance agency and answer any other questions you may have about your current legal situation

This article explains in what circumstances someone would need SR-22 insurance in Springfield along with how that can affect your insurance premiums and other information concerning this required documentation.

What Is SR-22 Insurance In Springfield?

The SR-22 insurance policy is also known as the Statement of Responsibility and is a document that your insurance company will send to the Missouri Department of Revenue to prove that you are covered by your insurance premium. Essentially, the SR-22 document itself is not an insurance policy but basically, confirmation that you do in fact have liability insurance on the vehicle you are driving. An SR-22 policy is required for a two to three year period (depending on the offense) following any DWI-related suspension of your driving privileges. Other circumstances that may require you to file an SR-22 in Missouri include:

  • If you’re caught driving without insurance or a driver’s license
  • If you’re caught showing false insurance to the police officer that pulled you over
  • Reckless or Careless driving
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Failing to pay damages from a motor vehicle accident that you were at fault for
  • Failing to have insurance at the time of an accident you were at fault for
  • Numerous traffic violations in a short period of time

According to this article from Esurance, if the SR-22 was court ordered you will be immediately notified at the time of your ruling that one is required. If it’s required by the state (usually through the administrative portion of your case) you’ll receive a notice from Missouri’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Once you’ve been informed that this document is required, you’ll need to contact your insurance company immediately. Not all insurance providers will offer SR-22 insurance in Springfield, if you are having difficulties finding a provider, we recommend consulting Jessica McClish with American Family Insurance at (417) 883-0404.

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Once you have found an insurance provider, you will be required to pay a processing fee to your insurance for filing an SR-22 in Missouri. This fee can range anywhere from $15 to $50. Missouri law requires a minimum level of coverage for persons who must have an SR-22. The minimum coverage required by Missouri is:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury.
  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury.
  • $10,000 per accident for property.

In insurance documents, this coverage may be written as 25/50/10. Once you have paid the processing fee for proof that you have auto insurance that meets the requirements as outlined above, your insurance provider will submit the necessary SR-22 documentation for you. If and when your SR-22 insurance is accepted, you will receive a letter from both the Missouri DMV and your insurance provider confirming its approval.

Will SR-22 Insurance in Springfield Raise My Premium?

Filing for SR-22 isn’t the cause for insurance premiums to rise, it’s the infraction or reason that you need the SR-22 documentation itself that will cause your insurance premiums to go up. What this means is that the reason that SR-22 is required in Missouri is that the state believes that the person is already a “high-risk” driver. Generally speaking, most insurance companies will raise the premium on high-risk drivers regardless of an SR-22 Springfield insurance requirement.

What If My Insurance Coverage Lapses?

In most cases, if your auto insurance policy lapses for any reason after having a suspended license due to a traffic infraction your license will be suspended again. After your suspension period is completed, you will need to start the entire SR-22 process all over again. This includes starting over in terms of how long you will be required to have SR-22 coverage. For example, if your coverage lapses after a year and half of having a SR-22 policy, you’ll have to start back at day one, not where you were. If for any reason, you seem to be falling behind on your auto insurance payments, talk with your provider about possible payment plans or less expensive insurance plans that still meet the state’s requirements.

If you or a loved one has been convicted of a DWI charge and needs assistance in finding an insurance provider that specializes in working with “high risk” drivers, contact DWI Springfield today. We will help you find the right insurance provider, along with offering any legal advice or assistance you much need throughout this difficult time.