The Mechanics of Becoming a DWI Lawyer

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Overview of Becoming a Lawyer

Usually the thought of representing clients in a court setting starts at a young age. However, people from different ages, backgrounds, and experience attend law school. No matter where you are at in life, you can obtain a law degree with the right experience. Your dreams of becoming a Springfield, MO DWI Lawyer can come true.

There are certain steps that have to be followed in order to become a Springfield, MO DWI Lawyer and other steps that could be helpful in obtaining a law degree. Some of the essential steps in receiving a juris doctorate that will be discussed in this post are the following:

  • Receiving a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Taking the LSAT
  • Applying to a Law School
  • Attending Law School
  • Passing the Bar and Being Sworn In

In addition to the essentials, there are other things that can be done before, during, and after law school that can help you have better experience to work at places, such as DWI Springfield.

Necessary Education and Tests to Become a Springfield, MO DWI Lawyer

First of all, it is important to plan ahead and have an understanding of what education needs to be obtained to get a law degree and become a DWI Lawyer Springfield. There may also be some classes and programs that you can take to increase your chances of getting into law school. These can also help you in becoming a Springfield, MO DWI Lawyer. You must obtain a bachelor’s degree before getting a juris doctorate.

Bachelor’s Degree

Law school is very unique due to the fact that your bachelor’s degree can be in any subject. This is unlike most graduate programs that require prerequisite classes. That means that going into law school you can have a science, arts, or a math degree. Whatever you choose, as long as it is a bachelor’s degree, will qualify you for admittance into law school.

A lot of times students will come to law school with a degree that reflects what they desire to get out of law school. For example, accountants usually head down the path of tax law, while science degrees usually practice patent law, and those with business degree may practice business law.

However, most students that attend law school will come to school with a political science bachelor’s degree. The reason behind this is that political science is in a very similar vein to law school. The topics are about government and how it functions, which is similar to how the law plays into our republic.

Another thing to note, is that there may be law societies or law classes offered while getting your bachelor’s degree. These classes and societies could be beneficial to jump start your learning when it comes to the legal system and how it functions. These classes can give some insight to what a Springfield, MO DWI Lawyer does on a daily basis.

Overall, it should be understood that any degree can get you to law school. This can making applying to law school an easy decision if you already have a bachelor’s degree.


In order to get into law school, you must also take the LSAT. The LSAT tests your reasoning, analytical, and reading comprehension skills. It is a way for law schools to analyze you as a candidate to be accepted into their law school, in addition to your GPA. The LSAT is administered a few times a year and is required to be accepted into law school. This is a test that can be studied for and should be. The score you receive can determine whether or not you are accepted into a law school.

Juris Doctorate

Once you are accepted into an ABA accredited law school, you can then work toward receiving your law degree. The state of Missouri requires 88 hours of graduate study leading to a juris doctorate. This is a pretty typical number. Other states are usually within a few credits of this number.

While receiving a juris doctorate, there are many opportunities to focus your learning. The first year of law school is a regimented schedule of classes the most individuals have to experience. However, after the first year it is easier to pick classes that are more tailored to the career you want to practice in.

To become a DWI Lawyer, you should focus on criminal law. A DWI is a criminal act and will be punished as such. Having an in depth understanding of criminal law will be necessary to fully represent future clients. Not only is having an understanding of criminal law important, but also litigation experience. Usually, Springfield, MO DWI Lawyers will represent their clients before the court which involves a special set of litigation skills. If vigilant in law school, then you can learn the requisite criminal knowledge and litigation skills.

What type of experience is helpful before, during, and after law school?

There is a lot of experience that can help you to become a Springfield, MO DWI Lawyer and potentially work with a firm like DWI Springfield. Before law school you can seek opportunities to work around a law firm by being a paralegal, or legal assistant. This cannot only help you be a better attorney down the road, but be a plus in being admitted into a law school.

During school there are a lot of opportunities to hone your skills through clinics, societies, and internships. This experiential learning will allow you to hone your analytical skills and litigation skills. These are all opportunities to become a Springfield, MO DWI Lawyer

What is the bar exam and being sworn in?

The bar exam tests material that you learned throughout law school. In order to take the bar exam you have to apply to take it. There they will perform a character test to make sure that you should be able to practice law.Springfield, MO DWI lawyer

The exam is offered twice a year, once in July and in February. Each state will have its own passing score. After you have passed the bar exam, you are then admitted to the state where you took the exam. To become a Springfield, MO DWI Lawyer you must either take the bar exam of the state or get a high enough score to transfer from another state to Missouri.

Being sworn in means that you are able to practice law before the highest court of that state. This will allow you to litigate and represent clients in court. It is necessary to be admitted and maintain your license. Most states require continuing legal education. This is where lawyers must perform a certain amount of credit hours for new legal information to maintain their law degree.

What kind of a salary can be expected?

Salary can vary greatly. However, for a typical DWI attorney the average is $56,000 a year. This can vary based upon your experience, the city where you live, and your education.

Overall, if you want to become a DWI Lawyer there are steps that can be taken early to insure your success. As long as you have a bachelor’s degree the sky is the limit for you in obtaining a law degree.

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