5 Ways to Steer Clear of Drunk Drivers During Labor Day

driving at dusk - Springfield charged with DWI

Labor Day weekend heralds in the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Many hard working Americans enjoy this holiday by traveling, celebrating with family and friends, and just generally taking it easy. One way that many people like to relax during this holiday is by partaking in a few alcoholic beverages. With the increase of drivers on the highways and an increase of alcohol consumption, more drunk driving accidents occur.

The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day has been coined the the “100 Deadliest Days”. Nine of the 10 deadliest days for youth on U.S. highways fall between May and August. Even though these statistics are mainly geared towards younger drivers, people of all ages are driving these roadways during this season as well, which means they too are affected by drunk drivers.

Common sense tells us to either designate a driver, stay put until we are 100% sober, or to take a night off from drinking if we want to avoid being another Labor Day DWI statistic. But how can you avoid drunk drivers, as a sober roadway user? Below, you’ll find the best practices to steer clear of potential drunk driving accidents.

Defending Yourself Against Drunk Drivers

    • Buckle Your Seatbelt – This is the most crucial step to defending yourself against drunk drivers. Wearing your seatbelt greatly decreases the chance of a car accident becoming fatal.
    • Avoid Late Night Driving – During the wee hours of the morning and when bars are beginning to close are generally the time with inebriated drivers are returning home. If you can avoid driving at these times, please do.
    • Don’t Follow Too Closely – If you notice the car in front of you or behind you driving erratically, try to put some distance between you and them. This may mean turning down another road to avoid them completely. Additionally, once parked call local law enforcement to report the driver, this will protect you and other people on the road.
    • Pay Attention at Intersections – Impaired drivers have a tendency to either fail to see or yield at intersection. Keep your eyes open for potential accidents and use extra caution at all intersection.
    • Be the Designated Driver –  Volunteer to be the designated driver (dd) for friends and family that may be galavanting out this weekend. Even if you’re not at the celebration with them, you can still offer to pick them up when they are ready to go home to help them avoid possible DWI charges on Labor Day. If you are unable to get them, call a taxi, uber, or lyft driver to pick them up instead.

If you do find yourself up against DWI or DUI charges this Labor Day, contact us immediately. We will do everything in our power to defend you against the charges you may face. Consultations are free, so don’t hesitate to speak with us.

From our team at DWI Springfield, we wish everyone a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend!

Photo by Quentin Dr on Unsplash