Holiday Drinking: Driving While Intoxicated During the Holiday Season

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How Can Holidays Translate into a DWI?

As holidays approach, we as human beings try to find some rest and relaxation from the everyday grind. With this time of rest, we usually spend time with family eating too much and enjoying each others company. Also occurring on a regular basis during these times of the year is a lot of alcohol consumption. Due to the fact it is a time to relax and time away from work, many people tip back the bottle.
This is a fine way to spend time with family and friends, but the troubles come when after drinking has occurred and people begin to get in their vehicles. A Springfield DWI Lawyer could give you information relating to the increase in DWI charges during the holidays. Knowing that there will most likely be an increase in officers on the road during the holiday season for this very reason should prevent you from driving intoxicated. However, if you do drive intoxicated and receive a DWI charge, you should seek the assistance of Springfield DWI Lawyers.

Even if there is a mistake made and you are charged with a DWI, there may be ways to lessen the harshness of the penalty by using a Springfield DWI Lawyer. It is highly likely to receive a DWI on Thanksgiving, but it is more likely to receive one the night before on what is called “blackout Wednesday.” The reason it is called blackout Wednesday comes from the fact that most people do not work on Thursday. This lends itself to binge drinking and realistically getting wasted the night before Thanksgiving.

If you plan to participate in blackout Wednesday, you should take necessary steps to either stay in after drinking or find someone to drive you around. Mistakes are sometimes made, which is why DWI Springfield is always there to help. To show the damage that can be done during this holiday season we should look to the statistics of DWI charges.

DWI Statistics Across the Nation During the Holiday Season

Mothers against drunk driving (MADD) have given reports showing that more deaths occur during the Thanksgiving holiday than occur at Christmas. This should not be a surprise because most traveling usually occurs on Thanksgiving week. The increase in drivers on the road would naturally increase the number of drunk drivers on the road. Then with increased drivers there will be more wrecks from driving intoxicated.

DWI lawyers in Springfield are knowledgeable in this category. They understand what happens during the holiday season and can give you advice on what you should do. Looking to the statistics of drunk driving during the holiday season can be depressing to say the least. It has been shown that around 40% of highway deaths surrounding Thanksgiving are due to drunk drivers, and 16% of adults say that they drink more during the holidays. In the state of Missouri last year 24 people died because of drunk drivers. Springfield DWI Lawyer.

It is fine if you drink more during the holidays, but the major issue comes from making poor decisions after drinking. Having a plan beforehand can help you avoid a catastrophe that requires the help of a Springfield DWI Lawyer. These statistics paint a terrifying picture. Society knows what happens around the holiday season due to drunk driving. The stats are apparent, yet the same blackout Wednesday happens every year. Making decisions now to have a plan for that week cannot only keep you from receiving a DWI, but may also save your life or the life of an innocent driver. These accidents can be prevented every time.

Creating a plan to protect yourselves and others from consequences of drunk driving is easier than ever. You live in a day where the following are out your disposal:

  • Cell phone use where you can text, call, or send video messages
  • Driving services such as Uber and Lyft that are readily available
  • Family and friends that can drive you around

With these in mind there really is no excuse to driving intoxicated.

To illustrate the statistics, let’s look to a personal story that has affected a family forever. Leann Lewis’ family lost their father in 2008 to a drunk driver during the holiday season. Now the family, left without their father, has to only remember the past memories that they had with him during the holidays. Leann is now an advocate for MADD seeking to advice people about the risk of drunk driving, especially during the holiday season. She created the “Tie One On For Safety” a campaign seeking to bring awareness about drunk driving. For this campaign people will tie red ribbons to their car’s antennas to draw attention to the major problem of drunk driving.

How to Avoid a Turkey Day DWI Charge by Using a Springfield DWI Lawyer

Using a Springfield DWI Lawyer could be essential in not being charged with a DWI or receiving a lesser penalty. Even though a plan can be implemented before driving intoxicated, the reality is that it still happens and most likely will continue to happen. Which means utilizing the expertise of a Springfield DWI Lawyer should be considered.

There are things that you should know if you are ever pulled over for a DWI. Officers must follow certain procedures when conducting a pull over and using equipment, such as a breathalyzer. If these procedures are not followed, the evidence obtained may not be allowed in as evidence against you.

When Thanksgiving approaches many states have DWI roadblocks, where they can ask you certain questions and seek information about your intoxication levels. You should seek information from a Springfield DWI Lawyer, especially DWI Springfield, because there are certain things that you are not legally required to do at these stops even if you are asked.

You should comply with request to show your driver’s license and insurance. However, usually you are not under any obligation to submit to a breathalyzer or walking the line test at these roadblocks. Although, there may be times when it is necessary to submit to such a request. If this occurs and you find yourself in custody, you should immediately seek the counsel of DWI Lawyers in Springfield.

The most important thing is to make wise decisions during the holiday season. There are easy ways to prevent consequences that follow driving intoxicated. Society has made it easy to not drive after drinking. There are enough driving services that no one should drive while intoxicated. Having a plan ahead of time will allow you to act in accordance with that plan when you are intoxicated. Creating a plan now, before it is too late, can save you from many unforeseen consequences that can come from drinking and driving.

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