Holiday drinking and driving prevention can save lives

drinking and driving preventionFall is in full swing now and winter is just around the corner.  With the change of the seasons comes the biggest holiday celebrations of the year: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. The holiday season is a time for us to be with our families and friends.  We take time off of work, relax, and watch the big game.  We go shopping on Black Friday and hopefully finish our Christmas list. Holiday party invites are sent out and homes are filled with relatives and associates we haven’t seen since last year.  After the last of the eggnog is spiked and New Year is welcomed with kisses, we part our separate ways until next time.  Whether or not we are the ones driving home impaired, these three holidays continue to be the deadliest time of the year to be on the road.

According to, the night before Thanksgiving is the busiest bar night of the year.  Also known as “Black Wednesday,” drunk driving is at an all-time high.  During a 10 year span, the death average was 572 fatalities annually for the days between Thanksgiving and the three days after.  Of these fatalities, 36% of were caused by alcohol. This means that, on average,51 people lost their lives each day.  The sheer number of people traveling for the holiday and people being on the road longer to get to family is one of the great contributors to these statistics.

Beyond the holiday season, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that 36 accidents a day are caused by alcohol. Dubbed the DUI season, the average jumps up to 45 during Christmas and 54 during the New Years.

How you can take the steps for Holiday drinking and driving prevention

  • Make sure you know someone at the party that will be sober and able to take you home. Taking care of this detail will ensure a safe ride home when the time comes.
  • If someone is not designated a sober driver, have a number for a taxi or cab service for the area.  Plan ahead by having the number in your pocket or on speed dial.
  • If you are the host of the party, offer non-alcoholic drinks and food.  The consumption of food and non-alcoholic drinks can slow the effects of alcohol.

Holiday drinking and driving prevention can make sure that you and many others are around the next holiday season.
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