DWI Prevention

DWI PreventionThe holidays are here and it’s time to celebrate another year together. Let’s make sure that you are around for the next year’s party by not drinking and driving. DWI Springfield has thought up 10 ways of how you and your friends can avoid a DWI.

10 DWI prevention tips

  1. Don’t drink alcohol at all. You can still have fun without a buzz. To help resist the temptation, carry around a cup with cola or water. This way, you don’t feel left out and you stay sober.
  2. If you do decide to drink, be sure to space out and limit your beverages. Give yourself at least two hours after your last sip before you drive anywhere.
  3. If you live close enough to your house or a friends house that you don’t need a ride, take a walk, don’t risk driving.
  4. Before you start drinking, find a designated driver and give them your keys. This way you know that you won’t be able to get into your car and someone who isn’t drinking will be able to take you home.
  5. If you don’t have a designated driver, then call a cab. You may not like to pay for a ride but it costs far less than a life.
  6. If you are hosting the party, serve drinks that are non-alcoholic. Allow your guests to space out their drinks with soft drink alternatives.
  7. Keep the food coming. When your belly is full of food, the alcohol has less affect.
  8. Stop serving alcohol before the party ends. Put it away and have some dedicated game time or an activity that keeps the focus away from drinking.
  9. Arrange transportation for your guests. Let them know that if they need a ride home, it will be available.
  10. If your friend is intoxicated, pull out the couch and let them sleep it off. They’ll thank you in the morning.

DWI Prevention is up to you. Make the right choice this holiday season and drive sober. If you happen to get a DWI, Dan Romine at DWI Springfield can help make the best out of a bad situations.

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