8 of the Best Traffic Stop Scenes Presented by DWI Springfield

Wayne’s World: Stopped by a T 1000

No one likes getting pulled over, it’s always scary, but getting pulled over by a T 1000 is even scarier. Maybe if Wayne hadn’t been speeding and weaving through traffic he could have avoided detection.

Dumb and Dumber: The Pullover

The best way to avoid arrest for DWI is never to drive intoxicated. However, drinking while driving a giant dog car as Harry and Lloyd do earns them a spot in our list of the best traffic stop scenes and will certainly draw attention to the crime. A call for a DWI attorney would be a wise next move.

National Lampoon’s Vacation: Dog Killer

How could Lampoon’s Vacation not make our list of Best Traffic Stop Scenes? Clark Griswold’s family vacation meets one bad turn after another. While getting the car loaded up for the next family adventure, Griswold forgets something important.

Reno 911: DUI Test Dance Off

When a Drunk Cowboy gets pulled over and attempts to convince the officer that he isn’t drunk, a dance off ensues. When dancing skills aren’t enough to get you out of an arrest, it may be time to call your DWI attorney in Springfield.


Liar Liar: When All Those Parking Tickets Catch Up With You

Liar Liar also made the cut for our list of Best Traffic Stop Scenes. Fletcher Reede, a habitual liar, can’t lie for 24 hours. When he is pulled over for speeding and questioned, a long list of past transgressions and a glove box full of parking tickets is revealed.

Super Troopers: Opening Scene

State troopers like to have fun too. In this opening scene, three young men will soon be needing to call DWI Springfield. They are pulled over (multiple times) by state troopers while high on marijuana and driving.

Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke: Smoked Out

Two stoners are so inebriated while driving they unknowingly parked in the median. When an officer arrives at the scene, the driver is so intoxicated all he can do is laugh as the officer questions him. Might be time to get a hold of DWI Springfield.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: I Knew it was a Crime, I Did it Anyway

Johnny Depp’s Raoul Duke speeds through the desert knowingly speeding with a can of beer in hand. When a lonely state trooper tries to have him pull over, Duke gives the trooper a run for his money. If you are going to knowingly commit a crime it might be a good idea to have a DWI attorney on speed dial.