St. Louis Stops Prosecuting “Low-Level” Marijuana Crimes

marijuana joint

St. Louis, alongside several cities, has began to ease back on marijuana prosecutions.

St. Louis prosecutors will no longer cultivate charges for most low-level marijuana offenses. Instead, they have redirected their resources toward more serious crimes.

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner said in an in interview Wednesday that her office will review more than 1,200 pending cases in which suspects are accused of possessing less than 100 grams of marijuana. With the exception of the cases that include aggravating circumstances, most will be dismissed.

Gardner believes that the surplus of marijuana cases hinders the ability to prosecute more serious crimes e.g. murder. In St. Louis, the murder rate is amongst the highest in the nation.

While Gardner’ decision is quite alarming considering that the “low-level” amount is typically possessed by dealers and not users, it will still be interesting to see if other nearby district attorneys will join in and have similar plans to end prosecution of low-level marijuana cases.