Get a second job and a bike (Why you cannot afford a DWI)

cannot afford a DWILet’s talk about money. Really, except for the world’s financially top 1% folks, no one has as much money as they want or even think they need. I certainly don’t, and neither do you. I certainly cannot afford a DWI, and neither can you. If you are stopped and arrested for a DWI, then convicted, the minimum you are going to spend in the state of Missouri is $3,000.00. And it only goes up from there. (If you get a second one anytime in your life, it will easily double and could triple these costs.)

Let’s break this budgeting nightmare down:

  • $500.00 fine
  • $500.00 (or more) alcohol assessment costs and alcohol treatment costs.
  • $250.00 (or more) probation costs
  • $50.00 a day for any jail time you may incur
  • $1000.00 (or more) attorney costs
  • $1000.00 (or more) car insurance rate increases

These costs are the minimum you will pay for a DWI. If you lose time from work or actually lose your job over the arrest and/or conviction, your budget will be in much worse shape. Also, these costs are figured for just a standard traffic stop and arrest. If the DWI stems from an accident and there is property damage, or worse, injuries or death to people, the costs will cripple your financial status and could take many years to recover from.

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